Meet our Seals

Hlabathi means “earth” or “sand” in Zulu. She was rescued from Kleinseë on 24 July 1998 when fish stocks reached an all-time low. She weighed 8kg on arrival at uShaka Sea World and now weighs over 50kg. She has a dynamic nature and is very energetic. She enjoys playing at the large windows in the exhibits, often chasing soap bubbles as they run down the windows. She has also been seen inventing her own games.


Hobi was named after a beach in Port Elizabeth where he was rescued as an eight-month-old pup suffering with a tooth abscess. Hobie has a gentle yet adventurous nature and enjoys playing with water hose which he tucks his flipper to aim the water into his mouth.


Illanga means “sun” in Zulu, named after one of the elements where she was found on the West Coast of South Africa in 1998. Illanga is fearless and confident, is creative and appears to have a sense of humour. She enjoys chasing birds and resident cats, and splashing unsuspecting trainers with water.


Jabulani means “happiness” in Zulu. He was found by a school group on a beach in East London in 1996. Jabu only weighed 35kg on arrival at uShaka Sea World, but today he is the largest male in our seal colony. He is a gentle giant and the trainers affectionately call him the “Shrek monster” because of his facial expressions and large ears. Jabu enjoys fish ice-lollies and retrieving the frisbee.


Born at National Zoological Gardens on 27 November 2008. Mobi arrived at uShaka Sea World with his brother Spungie on 10 May 2011. He is adventurous and curious. Although he is the smallest seal at uShaka Sea World, he has the loudest call!


Moya means “wind” or “spirit” in Zulu. Moya arrived at uShaka Sea World as a 9 kg pup but has grown into a beautiful adult seal, averaging over 70kg. 
Moya is intelligent and spirited, enjoys playing with ice blocks, puzzle feeders and water hoses.


Born at National Zoological Gardens on 7 Dec 2007. Spungie arrived at uShaka Sea World with his brother Mobi on 10 May 2011. Spungie is very confident, clever, responsive and eager to learn. He enjoys playing with kelp and is creative in the games he plays.

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