activities for kids


From the USA:
The Shape of Life 
Excellent videos and lesson plans.
Great for educators and for home schooling.

From the USA:
PBS – Inspired by Cousteau adventures.
Well-presented and easy to use.
Valuable for educators and home schooling.

From the UAE:
Living Oceans Foundation 
Many excellent resources for educators.
Great videos and good content.

From the USA:
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Some great resources here for teaching science and biology.
They are quite advanced and are probably more suited to Grade 8 and up.

From the USA:
Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Sustainable Seafood Program
Lots of great information here about sustainable seafood,
all presented in a fun way with some good videos.

From the USA:
NOAA’s Sea Grant Program
For over 20 years this has been a valuable resource for marine educators.

A Plastic Ocean
Mission Blue
Chasing Coral
Tales by Light (Series)
Our Planet (Series)
This is a link to six environmental documentaries listed above
– some are available to download, some need Netflix

From the USA:
Ocean Exploration Trust
Take a virtual dive with Dr Robert Ballard to the bottom of the ocean.
Some amazing graphics and animations, all focused on submarines and science.

From the USA:
Sea Semester
Plenty science and biology lesson plans for educators.

Reef Relief 
Material about coral reefs. 
Many links to other resources.

National Geographic
Up to date information on the oceans.





National Geographic for Kids
Many resources on a whole range of issues.
Included is a good summary of COVID19 written specially for kids.

For very young kids
A – Z of Sea Animals 
Lovely kids videos about the ocean.

For older kids
The Nat Geo Kids ‘What Sam Sees’ Series.
Fun videos about different conservation topics.
Shark dive
Turtle time
Coral Kingdom

Nat Geo Caring for our oceans



Monterey Bay Aquarium
Some beautiful webcams in this aquarium – the jellies, otters and penguins are great.
Lots of great downloadable resources here for kids and parents to enjoy.

New England Aquarium
Numerous ideas for lessons and activities.
Useful climate change resources.
Some fun activities to do at home, and some reading books in English
More downloadable activities
New Live series

Shedd Aquarium
Great videos that take kids behind the science at Shedd Aquarium in Chicago

Aquarium of the Pacific USA
Good webcams, a good series of talks on different topics, lots of You Tube content
and many species specific fact sheets.

Georgia Aquarium
Deep Sea Learning – Videos specially for kids, good ways to learn about the ocean.

Ripley’s Aquarium
Easy to download educational activities.

National Aquarium in Baltimore
Educational resources that can easily be used at home.

Mote Marine Laboratory
Fun and interactive lessons on turtles.


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