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uShaka Sea World education staff welcome Crawford Pretoria learners

By : Ann Kunz

With the inland learners having gone back to school last week and the coastal learners starting today, the uShaka Sea World Education staff were excited to welcome their first school booking for the year.

61 Grade 11 learners from Crawford in Pretoria visited us today.  They spent the morning exploring marine biodiversity in the aquarium and watching the dolphin show before spending the afternoon in Wet n Wild.

The detailed guided tour of the aquarium was undertaken in groups of ten students per marine educator.

According to one of the students, Luhle Mhlonga, marine conservation made a lot more sense when he was listening to an educator talk about the importance of biodiversity and the balance of nature when he was actually looking at the fish.

It was fascinating to learn about how the different fish are perfectly designed to thrive in their particular environments and how important it is that we don’t damage any of these diverse environments”. I will try to minimise ocean pollution by recycling and limiting the use of single use plastic,” said Mhlonga.

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