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uShaka Sea World Education hosts learners from Christian High School

By: Ann Kunz

We were delighted to host 60 grade 8 to 10 learners from Christian High School on both a Marine Ecology and an Environment and Us course today.

Over the past month the uShaka Sea World has slowly come alive with more and more learners having fun whilst learning about the marine environment.

The Christian High School learners were divided according to their grades into several smaller groups to ensure that all Covid protocols were strictly adhered to, thus ensuring the safety of the learners, teachers and our staff.

The Christian High School courses covered human impact on the ocean and what we can do as individuals to mitigate these negative impacts.  The aquarium is an ideal environment to unpack and explore marine ecology. The learners enjoyed participating in the experiments and dissections.

Their Life and Natural Science teacher Miss Philda Sithole felt that an excursion to uShaka Sea World was much more than just a school outing. “We unfortunately do not have adequate laboratory facilities at our school and therefore really appreciate the opportunity of a hands-on experience.  Watching a video in a classroom is good to a point but actually participating in an activity, teaches the learners important life skills whilst absorbing the subject information.  It is important that they can relate what they learn in the classroom to the real world.  Excursions teach children to think outside the box and build confidence.  Sometimes children who are reserved in the classroom situation really thrive on more practical learning platforms” said Miss Sithole.

We look forward to welcoming many more learners and empowering them with much more than knowledge.

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