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Urgent call to assist in removal of cooldrink bottles

By :  Ann Kunz 13th April 2022

Every bottle counts

We have a very tight window of opportunity to remove as many plastic cooldrink bottles as we can from the Durban beaches.   

The recent damaging rains over most of KZN have resulted in the Umngeni and other rivers bringing down both organic and inorganic debris which has landed up on the beaches.

Although all the plastic pollution on the beaches is of concern, the most helpful activity we can all participate in tomorrow and if possible, on Friday, is to remove as many plastic cooldrink bottles as we can.

The Durban Municipality is doing sterling work trying to clean the beaches as are members of local NGO’s in removing as many plastic bottles as they can but there is much to be done.

We are expecting more rains over the weekend and literally every bottle removed will be of tremendous help.  These plastic bottles are recyclable and light, making them easy to collect.

If by working together we are able to remove most of the plastic bottles, the municipality can work on the other items of inorganic debris.

If you are heading to the beach, please take some refuse bags and gloves with you and collect as many cooldrink bottles as you can carry – every bottle removed helps.

Please carry your bags of bottles off the beach, knot them and take them to your nearest recycling station or place them on the promenade near refuse bins.

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