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Update on Loki the stranded juvenile green turtle 

By: Ann Kunz

Loki was admitted to uShaka Sea World on the 7th July after stranding on Zinkwazi’s main beach.

As radiographs of his lungs showed some irregularities suggesting possible infection Loki was placed on two courses of antibiotics and left to rest in a shallow pool under the watchful eyes of the rehabilitation team.

We are delighted to report that over the past three weeks, Loki has steadily improved and is now eating both fish and codium (seaweed).  The codium is left in his pool so that he can graze throughout the day and the fish is offered every morning and evening.   

After being weighed today he was given a general health check and had his carapace scrubbed to remove some algae,   Because the weather has been chilly lately and the water temperature has dropped, Loki is being kept in a shallow temperature-controlled pool.  As soon as it warms up, Loki will be moved to a deeper pool where he can practicing diving.  

We are confident that although Loki is still  positively buoyant, he will make a full recovery and we will be able to return him to the ocean.