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Malini Pather

There is no dramatic news on Lucien’s progress, but there are some welcome little changes which have taken place over the past week.

She is a big girl with a naturally slow metabolism which means that although her recovery is expected to be slow, it has thankfully remained steady. Her ferocious appetite has not diminished and she remains adamant that nothing else but codium will do. We have offered her various types of seaweed, lettuce and even broccoli, which most green turtles love, but she ignores everything on offer except codium. She is currently eating approximately 10 kg of codium every day.

She has completed her course of antibiotics and has settled down well in her private, albeit shallow, pool. Up until today, her pool has remained shallow enough to allow her lengthy periods of rest. This will change in the coming week as we plan on slowing increasing the depth of the pool and encouraging her to attempt swimming and perhaps even some shallow diving.

She is described by her carers as a most wonderful and gentle patient who is a pleasure to care for.