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Update of our two stranded penguins

By: Ann Kunz

On the 24th June we posted a story on Amber the juvenile African penguin who was found by a fisherman at Salt Rock on the KZN North Coast.  Amber was followed nine days later by Blush who was found at Rocky Bay on the KZN South Coast.  

Both Amber and Blush were lethargic and severely underweight on arrival.  Amber was otherwise in good physical condition with no apparent injuries, whilst Blush’s right foot was badly damaged.

They both responded well to treatment and over the past few weeks have become firm friends.  They follow each other all day and sleep nestled on each other’s shoulders.  They spend 2 – 3 hours each day swimming in their private physiotherapy pool and the rest of the day is spent resting in their pen or waddling about the rehab facility. 

Amber, the bigger of the two currently eats 9 fish a day and weighs a hefty 3.16kgs whilst Blush who  only weighs 2.89kgs, manages to eat 10 fish each day.   

We are delighted with their progress and have started making plans to send them to SANCCOB in Port Elizabeth where they will join other stranded penguins preparing for release.

We will keep you updated.