70 years of helping people to care for our ocean
The latest edition of the Understanding our Coast guide has recently been published and is now available in both digital and hard copy.
This guide, which was first published in 2011, has now been revised to include relevant updates. The guide covers a range of core coastal topics relevant to the ICM Act. These include a brief description of the physical, biological and social components of the KZN coast and consider the intrinsic assets and economic values of goods and services derived from the coastal zone (Our KZN Coast).
It highlights the challenges of living in the coastal environment, with information on climate-related impacts, the effect of human activities such as sand mining, pollution and litter on the marine and coastal environments (Coastline Changes, Pollution & Litter, Human Impact). The guide provides an overview of the legislation that governs common activities in the coastal zone (Managing our Coast, Accessing the Coast, Development at the Coast).
The guide also gives an overview of human-animal interactions through leisure, tourism, fishing and harvesting of resources (Animals of the Coast and Sea, Accessing the Coast and Harvesting Marine Resources). Lastly, it provides information on who to contact for coastal related issues such as strandings, permits and applications.
The guide is funded by the EDTEA KZN. If you would like to download a copy of the Understanding our Coast guide, please click the link www.coastkzn.co.za . If you would like to pick up a copy from our offices, send your details to us on info@saambr.org.za and we will try to assist you.