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Ulwandle 2022-2023 Newsletter

EDTEA and ORI are pleased to share the release of the latest (2022-2023) edition of Ulwandle, KZN’s coastal management newsletter which summarises the highlights for the financial year.

Most notability, Ulwandle highlights the release of the KZN State of the Coast Report, which gives an overview as to the condition of the KZN coast as well as actions needed. EDTEA features an article on their annual aerial assessment, which was done after the April 2022 floods and includes information on the damage along the coast.

The SAAMBR’s schools outreach programme article reports on interactions with pupils in the Mbokodweni region whilst ORI and EDTEA outline the training provided for coastal managers on best practices for coastal development (a first of its kind document, published in 2021).

This edition of Ulwandle also provides an overview of the KZN Boat Launch Site Monitoring System for the year under review.