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Ulwandle 2017 is now available for free download 

The Oceanographic Research Institute (ORI; a division of SAAMBR) and the KZN Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs (EDTEA) recently produced the 2017 issue of Ulwandle, KZN’s coastal newsletter. This newsletter showcases some of the projects undertaken by the department and their partner organisations on a range of coastal management issues, to interested stakeholders.

ORI and EDTEA have released a beta version of an interactive information portal (www.coastkzn.co.za), set up to provide coastal-specific information to assist decision-making by managers on a broad range of issues regarding the coast. In addition, it serves as an important Citizen Science platform for the public.

After the massive storm on 10th October, overcoming the nurdle hurdle was at the forefront of activities at SAAMBR, setting the stage for later formal cleanup activities.  CoastKZN was especially useful as a coordination hub after the nurdle spill.

Coastal erosion and the sand deficit in coastal KZN is an ongoing problem. ORI and EDTEA have collaborated on a draft coastal risk line for KZN, to look at options for municipalities in planning for future development along the coast.

In another joint ORI/EDTEA project, 26 boat launch sites were evaluated and formally listed for gazetting in the Provincial Gazette.  

Active citizenry has been emphasised in articles contributed by many NGOs (non-governmental organisations) regarding their involvement in coastal problems. Conservation KZN is involved in alien invasive clearing on the coastal dunes and replacement with locally indigenous vegetation. Coastwatch assists in monitoring and documenting sandmining activities near the coast. WESSA (The Wildlife and Environmental Association of South Africa) have set up a new eco-label, the Green Coast Award, which will recognise community involvement in conservation of particular species, habitats and /or culture.

The efforts of the Marine Stranding Network in monitoring and the rehabilitation of stranded marine animals is also recognised. Comparisons of stranding data are available.

Download Ulwandle at http://www.coastkzn.co.za/News/Ulwandle

Ulwandle is a great way to stay informed about the issues, initiatives and activities along our coast.  Keep a lookout for the competition (clues on www.coastkzn.co.za)!