70 years of helping people to care for our ocean

Today we celebrated Jabulani’s 26th anniversary

Jabulani came into our care in 1996, after being was found stranded on an East London beach in a severely compromised condition exactly 26 years ago today.   

We named him Jabulani, which means happiness. This was such a fitting name for such an extraordinary seal who has inspired millions of guests to care for the ocean with his anti-litter messages.

Jabulani is now classed as a geriatric seal who, like most other geriatric animals, is experiencing some age-related challenges.  His movements are a little slower than they used to be and his eyesight is impaired, but his gentle spirit has not changed at all over the years.

He now shares an indoor enclosure with Hlabathi and Moya, who are also both geriatric seals and share the same age-related challenges.   Visually compromised seals use their sensitive whiskers to navigate their surroundings.  As Jabu’s sight is slightly better than that of his two friends, he is often seen guiding them around if he feels they are a little confused.

Our three geriatric seals are housed in an indoor area where they can be closely monitored and assisted wherever necessary.  Caring for aged animals means that some things take a little longer and require a little more patience than with the younger animals.  

We love caring for our geriatric seals and thoroughly enjoyed making ice and jelly treats for them today.