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Today is International Whale Shark Day

By: Presha Soogrim

Is a whale shark a whale, a shark or is it a fish?

Two of those things are true. Whale sharks are in fact sharks, which makes them fish!

The whale shark is the largest shark and fish species in the world reaching over 14 metres in length.  You would think being this big the whale shark wouldn’t have any secrets, but there is plenty that scientists are yet to discover about these gentle giants.

We do know that they are marathon swimmers and undertake long migrations of thousands of kilometres. Unfortunately, just like their size, the threats facing whale sharks are enormous. They are currently classified as endangered and face a high risk of extinction due to overfishing and destructive fishing methods.

Like the whale shark, let’s go big and take bold action to conserve these incredible ocean giants.

By avoiding unsustainable seafood products we can ensure that we are not contributing to the threats causing the rapid decline in the number of whale sharks gracing our oceans.


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