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The Ocean Window Project 2022

The Ocean Window Project 2022

 Aquariums all over the world offer people the opportunity to get a glimpse of a magical underwater world. Aquariums share information, showcase aquatic biodiversity, inspire conservation, conduct valuable research and offer a wonderful and accessible way to explore ocean life.

Aquariums offer a window to the ocean, sharing the beauty and fragility of marine life under their care.

For the inaugural Ocean Window Project 2022 we invited some top underwater photographers to capture interpretive, inspiring and impressive images so support SAAMBR’s education, conservation and environmental awareness efforts while increasing our reach to people all over the world through various communication platforms. They are helping us to share this ocean window far beyond our own facility, making ocean stories so much more accessible.

We have selected a series of these images for an exhibition in the Aquarium which we will launch in December, but in the meantime, here are a few of our favourite Ocean Window photographs.