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The DAAD TRAFFIC Summer School was held at SAAMBR from 17-24 June 2022

By : Stacey Jordaan

The DAAD TRAFFIC Summer School was held at SAAMBR from 17-24 June 2022 and a few of our young scientists had the privilege of attending.

This opportunity was aimed at highly qualified students and young researchers from southern African countries and Germany and included participants from South Africa’s Oceanographic Research Institute and University of Cape Town, the University of Namibia, and Germany’s ZMT Leibniz Centre for Marine Tropical Research, Thünen Institute of Sea Fisheries, University of Bremen, and University of Hamburg. Lectures and practical sessions were presented by experts from South Africa, Namibia and Germany and included topics ranging from ocean physics and productivity to food webs and fisheries, with focus on the Benguela Upwelling System where most of their research is conducted.

The Summer School was a unique opportunity that allowed for interaction with, and lessons learnt, from both specialists and young researchers from different educational and cultural backgrounds. It was also organised back-to-back with the Southern African Marine Science Symposium (SAMSS) held in Durban between 20-24 June 2022, so participants are given the opportunity to attend interesting scientific presentations and conference meetings about marine research done in the southern African region.

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