70 years of helping people to care for our ocean

#TBT Connecting the dots

By: Lynn Britz

Dr. David Davies was the first director of SAAMBR. He was instrumental in starting the Oceanographic Research Institute (ORI) and the opening of the Centenary Aquarium in 1959. He was tragically taken from us in a motor vehicle accident after a few short years. His legacy lives on at SAAMBR and the ORI Library is named after him.

It was with great pride that his great granddaughter proudly shared his story with her classmates at Chelsea Primary School during a Show and Tell lesson. She showed everyone his picture which appears in the book “SAAMBR: A Legacy” and told her friends about his amazing achievements. A proud moment indeed.

What an amazing way to connect the dots and remember an amazing individual who launched SAAMBR, which 70 years later is still going strong.