70 years of helping people to care for our ocean

#TBT African penguins find a new home

By: Lynn Britz

Did you know that penguins were not part of the original plan for the Centenary Aquarium when it opened in 1959? In fact, the penguins found us, after they were stranded and then brought into the Aquarium.

The first few penguins became so at home that they wandered around and visited the staff in their offices. They even had the pick of the food preparation table. At night they were housed at the top of the Main Tank.

Over the years, SAAMBR has cared for hundreds of stranded penguins, releasing them back into the wild when they were strong enough. Look out for our new Penguin Rehabilitation Summary – coming soon….

The African penguin is listed on the IUCN Red Data List as Endangered which means that the numbers are seriously declining in the wild. Today we have a specially designed Penguin Rookery, which is home to over 50 birds who share an important message of conservation with our visitors every day. Another conservation success story for SAAMBR!