70 years of helping people to care for our ocean
By: Presha Soogrim

On the 14th July the world celebrated International Shark Awareness Day. This significant day is dedicated to changing the attitude of people towards sharks. 

Have you ever wondered why sharks are so important?  From the oxygen we breathe to the food we eat and the benefits of a liveable climate, we owe all this to sharks. Here are just a few ways in which they benefit us.

As top predators, sharks are vital in keeping ocean food webs in balance. If shark numbers decline, this will set off a chain reaction through all marine ecosystems – ultimately leading to their total collapse.

Who would have thought that sharks help us fight the climate crisis? Top predators like sharks store large amounts of carbon in their bodies which is accumulated over time, when we remove these animals out of the ocean, that carbon is released into the environment. By feeding on herbivorous fish and turtles, sharks ensure that marine habitats that absorb carbon continue to flourish and absorb large amounts of CO2.

Even shark poo is important! By feeding in one area and defecating in another they distribute nutrients across diverse ecosystems.

Sharks have played a perfect role in keeping the oceans balanced for over 450 million years – let’s not see their numbers decline any further on our watch.

If you would like further information on sharks and how they affect us, click here to go to the shark fact sheet on our website.