70 years of helping people to care for our ocean
A struggling buoyant green turtle was observed in the Umzimkulu river yesterday and brought to shore by a very kind and concerned kayaker. Shelly Beach NSRI jumped into action and transferred the turtle patient to the SAAMBR Sea Turtle hospital at uShaka Sea World.
The turtle had flipper tags and it was quickly established that this was indeed her second rescue, in the same area, within 4 years.
Calypso’s first rescue was also near Port Shepstone where she was found in a bag in the banana fields. She presented with a fishhook in her digestive tract.
After extensive rehabilitation for almost 4 years, she was released near Cape Vidal in February 2022.
She made her way back down to Port Shepstone, but unfortunately suffered quite a serious injury to her carapace recently, most likely a boat strike. This has caused an infection, a fractured shell and also contributed to the buoyancy problems.
The SAAMBR turtle rehabilitation team and veterinarians assessed her on arrival and are working on a treatment plan to ensure that she can be released, again, healthy and strong.
Her body condition other than the carapace fracture is remarkably good, and at this stage we are positive about a good, but slow, recovery.