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Seamoths at uShaka Sea World for first time

By: Malini Pather

Exciting news!  We have Seamoths (Eurypegasus draconis) on display in the aquarium.  While we had them on display many years ago at the old Sea World, they are a first here at uShaka Sea World.

These incredible creatures are related to seahorses and razorfish and are in the family Pegasidae. They have the same armoured plating as seahorses, and slough off layers of skin similar to the way paper fish do. They are thought to no longer have a swim bladder,  and their pelvic fins have adapted to become thin “legs” they use to move in 4×4 style across substrates. They feed on small crustaceans and worms and are thought to be monogamous. 

See if you can spot them in our invertebrate exhibit.

Video footage by: Jamie Swartz