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Seal shows back on programme after 2 years

By : Ann Kunz

Newly appointed uShaka Sea World Executive Manager Maryke Masson presented the seal team with a bouquet of flowers at the end of the 1st seal show today.
There was much to celebrate as this was the first public seal show we have hosted since the beginning of the COVID lockdown.
The decision to reintroduce seal shows out of season was welcomed by the guests. We are planning on hosting two seal shows during the week and three over the weekends.
One of the female seals, Ilanga stole the show today whilst trying to deliver her anti-litter message. Although all the seals have been in training sessions for the past 26 months, it appeared that for Ilanga, the period without guests in the stadium was far too long. She forgot most of her cues, but with some encouragement from her trainer and loads of applause from the guests, she eventually remembered her part in the show and performed superbly.
“It was so exciting to welcome guests back and to share our seal family with them again”, said Lead Behaviourist, Hayley Tennent.