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SAAMBR hosts SASSI training for John Dory’s staff

22 staff from John Dory’s Restaurant spent the morning at SAAMBR with uShaka Sea World Education staff member,  Presha Soogrim to ensure that they keep abreast with WWF’s Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative (SASSI’s) latest updates.

SAAMBR is a SASSI networking partner and works with restaurants, retailers and consumers in KZN and beyond.

SASSI’s is an initiative of WWF-SA focused on driving change in the local seafood industry by working with suppliers and sellers of seafood as well as inspiring consumers to make sustainable seafood choices.

SASSI lists fish as either Red, Orange or Green.  To the restauranteur, Red means “don’t serve”, Orange “think twice” and Green “offer your guests”. If a fish is listed as green it means this fish comes from a well-managed and sustainable population.

To determine which fish fit into each category, South African /ORI scientists regularly get together with scientists from all over the world to study both local and international fish stocks.  Once the information has been analyzed they offer advice on fish population stocks and species listing.

“It was an honor sharing information with the enthusiastic John Dory’s team who are uniquely placed and committed to influencing consumers and playing a significant role in ocean conservation.  As a SASSI supporter, John Dory’s strives to ensure that all their meals are either from the orange or green list” said Presha.

If your retailer or restaurant is not familiar with SASSI listings you can download the SASSI app which is free on IOS and on Android please tag WWF-SASSI.  These apps will advise whether the fish you are about to order is on the Green, Orange or Red list.