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SAAMBR staff support Kloof SPCA outreach team

Last week SAAMBR veterinarian Caryl Knox and veterinary nurse, Marle Benade spent three days supporting the Kloof SPCA outreach team.
The goal was to sterilise 130 cats and dogs from the Dassenhoek community. The SPCA officials have been working in this area for many years and are familiar with the families who understand the importance of spaying or castrating their dogs and cats but are unable to afford the associated costs.
The inspectors worked tirelessly over the three days bringing the dogs and cats io the clinic so that Caryl and Maryke did not need to leave the SPCA.
Marle assisted with the nursing aspect, inducing the animals for anaesthetic, and preparing the surgical sites. Caryl Knox performed the surgical work of ovariohysterectomies and castrations
All the dogs and cats went home with parasite control medication as well as sponsored food products.
By the afternoon of the 3rd day, the goal of 130 cats and dogs was reached and most remarkably, neither Caryl nor Marle left the SPCA with any additions to their furry families.
Well done Kloof SPCA, we loved partnering with you on this community project