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SAAMBR staff remove two Kingfish from Point Waterfront Canal

By : Simon Chater

Earlier today, SAAMBR removed two Giant Trevally (Kingfish) from the Point Waterfront Canal and released them into the ocean at Vetches Pier.
In 2018, four kingfish were introduced into the Point Waterfront Canal with the intention of helping to control the large numbers of small fish which were present in the canal. They have done really well in the canal over the past four years and have more than doubled their original size. Based on their large size, the decision was made to catch, tag and remove them from the canal.
In a carefully planned operation, the aquarists used a `drag’ net to encircle the kingfish in the shallow section of the canal near the pedal boats. Once they were netted, they were carried on a stretcher to the waiting transport tank on a trailer. We only managed to catch two of the four Kingfish. They were tagged with a yellow ORI spaghetti tag, weighed and measured before they were released.
Information on both the fish will be entered on the ORI tagging database.