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SAAMBR hosts visitors from Higher Ground NPO

By: Lucia Zwane (Communication Intern) and Ann Kunz (SAAMBR Communications)

On Wednesday 24th April SAAMBR was honoured to have the opportunity of hosting a group of 14 visually impaired visitors and their guardians at uShaka Sea World.

The group were guests of Higher Ground which is an NPO who arrange exciting and adventurous camping holidays for children and adults with disabilities.  Their focus is on children and adults who are blind or partially sighted, adults with acquired brain injuries as well as young adults with intellectual impairments.

The day started off with kisses and wet splashes from Kelpie who remained calm and very still whilst they felt his heart beat and explored the shape of his rostrum, flippers, skin texture.   

This was followed by close encounters with a few of the snakes and one of the lizards brought to them by the herpetologists from Dangerous Creatures.  We were absolutely delighted when, without exception, every single one overcame their initial fears and loved getting in touch with their new reptilian friends.

When they went over to meet the seals it was time for more sloppy fishy kisses and the opportunity to feel the texture of a seal’s fur and flippers.  

A few of the partially sighted campers spent time in the Snorkel Lagoon where staff were on standby to assist them exploring the lagoon and its inhabitants.

They ended their incredibly adventurous day resting and relaxing in the pools at Wet ‘n Wild Waterpark.  

Higher Ground have committed to visiting us again in the near future and we are looking forward to once again hosting and having fun with them.