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SAAMBR hosts UNISA 2nd year nature conservation students

By : Heidi Killian 

Each year, UNISA brings their 2nd year nature conservation students to Durban for the coastal zone module.

SAAMBR has been providing a tailor-made four-day course covering the coastal zone module for these students for the past five years.  

SAAMBR is uniquely positioned to provide these courses which cover estuaries, rocky and sandy shores, coastal zone management and fisheries management.  We incorporate the knowledge of both the uShaka Sea World education staff as well as key ORI scientists.

Hands-on practicals allow the students to immerse themselves in a particular environment and experience it first-hand.

This week we hosted 18 UNISA students, many of whom had travelled great distances to attend the course.  On Tuesday we studied sample areas of the rocky shores to determine biodiversity and abundance.  Today the students visited the uShaka Beach to practice measuring to plot beach profiles