70 years of helping people to care for our ocean

SAAMBR hosts it’s 67th Annual General Meeting

By Ann Kunz 

At our 67th AGM held earlier this week, we had the opportunity to grant long service awards some of SAAMBR’s staff and voluntary education guides. 

These awards, which recognise outstanding service to SAAMBR and marine conservation, were made to volunteer guides, Ann Gibson and Marjorie Phillips for 30 years service, Michael Sturgess for 20 years, Eltina Stenhouse and Auret van der Merwe for 15 years and Andree Sacco for 10 years. This represents amazing dedication to SAAMBR – from volunteers.

Permanent staff members Siphamandla Hlekwayo, Matthew Needham, Dr Lawrence Oellermann, Muke Shadrack and Umesalma Wahab were recognised for 10 years of service, whilst Ramini Naidoo and Quentin van Staden received their 20 years service awards. 

Three staff members were awarded recognition for their contribution to SAAMBR over the past 30 years, namely Simon Chater, Gabby Harris and Dr Bruce Mann. 

Although we officially celebrated our 70th anniversary on the 31st January this year, we have continued celebrating our commitment to marine conservation each month throughout the year.  

This year’s AGM highlighted the vital contribution SAAMBR has made to the conservation of marine and coastal resources since our establishment in 1951. 

We achieve our mission of ‘helping people to care for the ocean’ through our three intertwined divisions, namely the Oceanographic Research Institute (ORI), uShaka Sea World and uShaka SeaWorld Education.  

ORI, is an internationally recognised marine science research institute operating primarily in the Western Indian Ocean Region. 

 uShaka Sea World is Africa’s largest world class, conservation-oriented aquarium which disseminates information that inspires care for the oceans   uShaka Sea World Education is the leading marine conservation education centre in Africa which under non Covid conditions, reaches over 130 000 learners each year.  

“SAAMBR’s amazing staff members and volunteers are our most valuable asset. With a little help from our animals, the knowledge, inspiration and education we have achieved these last 70 years, is a result of their efforts,” said SAAMBR Chief Operating Officer, Dr Larry Oellermann.