70 years of helping people to care for our ocean

By Ann Kunz

Rest in peace Raymond

Raymond and Murdoch have called Dangerous Creatures home since 2011. We believe that Raymond was approximately nine years old when he initially arrived at SAAMBR after being housed at a rescue facility in Hillcrest. This means that, at around 20 years old, Raymond was well past his natural lifespan.

As Raymond was one of our geriatric residents, it was not surprising when, despite eating well, he started to lose muscle mass and show a few other signs of age-related issues including extensive liver pathology. After performing various tests, it was found that the probable cause of his elevated glucose levels was a tumour.

Over the past few days Raymond was becoming more unstable each day and based on his prognosis and age, a decision was made to let Raymond rest in peace.

“I fell in love with Raymond the moment I started interacting with him 11 years ago. As I had never cared for such a large reptile before, I was initially a little hesitant. Raymond however, was very gentle and responsive and easy to love” said Senior Herpetologist Lesley Labuschagne.

Over the past 11 years more than half a million visitors to uShaka Marine World have been able to overcome their initial fear of reptiles by observing Raymond’s gentle spirit.

Murdoch is currently in good health and will remain in their home on exhibit outside Dangerous Creatures.