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Rehabilitated swift tern is released

By: Ann Kunz

The swift tern (named Thomas) which underwent an operation to remove two large fish hooks from its stomach las week, was released yesterday afternoon.

Post surgery, Thomas continued to make such remarkable progress it was evident that his time in rehab was going to be very short.  When the Veterinary team examined him yesterday morning and saw that his sutures had headed and that he was in excellent health they sanctioned his release.  Prior to being released he was fitted with a silver Safring.

He was released at the base of North Pier which is a popular spot for swift terns in the late afternoon.  “It was wonderful to see Thomas leave my hands and soar high into the air before dipping, hugging the water and repeating the cycle over and over as he flew further and further from site” said Tracy Shaw, SAAMBR registrar. If you see a swift tern sporting a silver ring when you walking along the Durban beaches or visiting the bay area, it could very well be Thomas.


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