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Register for the 2020 Coastal Cleanup

With Alert Level 2 announced in South Africa , we have  checked the regulations and it appears that beach clean-ups are within the allowed activities. It has been a long time since our beaches have had any attention in terms of clean-ups. So it seems fitting that the International Coastal Clean-up for 2020 is going to be one of the first under the new rules.

 The International Coastal Clean-up is a global event with over 100 countries participating and this year it is looking a little different. It will be a little harder to recognize everyone under their face masks! The dates will be spread over 18 to 30 September so that we can avoid everyone getting onto the same beach at the same time. The data from the collected litter will go towards the global Marine Debris project and will help inform future decisions about managing waste.  Marine Debris Tracker – How To Use The App.

Small groups (less than 50) should  be able to access the beach for clean-ups. Please check with your local municipality if there are any regulations for your chosen beach clean-up location. We would like to encourage conservancy groups, schools and families to participate and keep within the legislated restrictions of being in a group of less than 50 people, wearing a mask and keeping social distance at all times. The additional use of gloves are encouraged where possible.

If you have  a group of up to 50 people that are keen to get together and clean the beach, please register using this form before 4 September 2020. We look forward to hearing from all of you.