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New ORI Tag website is active!

By: Gareth Jordaan
ORI Tagging Officer

The new, more user friendly, interactive and informative version of the tagging website is finally available. There are still a few minor changes that need to be made, but as for now it is live and ready to be explored. 

Some new additions to the website (www.oritag.org.za) include:

  • Being able to register online
  • Being able to submit tag release and recapture data online
  • Being able to edit your profile, change your password, and add a profile picture
  • An interactive map allowing you to pin point your tag releases or recaptures
  • Automatic tag recapture reports emailed to you once the data has been approved
  • A feature allowing members to upload a photo of their catch
  • A leaderboard of:
    • Top taggers for the current year
    • Top tagging regions
    • Top fish species tagged
  • A gallery of exciting catches
  • Media releases of any news/documents related to the tagging project.

If you are a tagging member PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER AGAIN on the website as you already have a profile.

In order to log into the website you will need to use your existing membership code as a user name; with your password being the same as that used in the previous website. If you cannot remember your password you can reset it where a new password will be forwarded to you, otherwise please contact me on 079 529 0711/031 328 8159 or on oritag@ori.org.za and I will gladly help you to log on.

Happy tagging and tight lines!