70 years of helping people to care for our ocean

By: Ann Kunz

The week of October 11 – 17 has been set aside to celebrate and recognise the valuable contribution veterinary technicians make in the world.

SAAMBR veterinary nurse, Marle Benade plays an integral role in the SAAMBR Animal Health team. Being part of the Animal Health team who deliver high quality compassionate care not only to the animals resident at uShaka Sea World but to the hundreds of stranded animals SAAMBR cares for each year, is something she never takes for granted.  

A limited number of students are accepted into Onderstepoort for veterinary nursing each year. This meant that Marle had to work really hard to achieve good marks and spent a lot of time working with animals during her school holidays getting a sense of what it entailed to work in the world of veterinary science.

“Since I can remember I have always had a passion for animals but never knew I would end up working with marine animals – sometimes I feel that this career chose me”. My role is to help keep the animals in my care fit and healthy. Since joining the SAAMBR family 5 years ago I have been privileged to work with penguins, sharks, dolphins, seals, snakes, crocodiles, spiders, fish, seabirds and many other wonderful animals. Everyday is different and I learn something new every day” said Marle. 

Marle recommends a career in the veterinary world and would like to encourage all Grade 10’s