70 years of helping people to care for our ocean

Marine Week – childrens activity sheets

By: Judy Mann

Yey – it is Marine Week in South Africa and we are celebrating by sharing many of our wonderful resources with you. Feel free to share them and spread the news about our oceans and how to care for them.

 As its Teaching Tuesday today, we thought to share our childrens activity sheets with you.  The series of 12 beautifully designed and colourful activity sheets cover the adventures of Tamsyn the Turtle, Cyril the coelacanth, Rupert the red steenbras, Henry the hermit crab, Brad the shad, Busi the butterfly fish, Peter and Phumla the penguins, Sally the seagull, Ollie the octopus, Gugu the friendly ghost crab and a very happy sea star. 

 All the downloadable activity sheets are available in both English and isiZulu.