70 years of helping people to care for our ocean

By :  Ann Kunz

Many hands make light work

I am so proud to report that the progress on the beach clearing has been phenomenal. 

It has been incredibly uplifting to see so many people working together to remove plastic bottles from the Durban beaches.  The concerned citizens, pickers and members of NGO’s have been supported by the various Municipal departments in removing more than half of the plastic bottles brought down after the recent heavy rains.

There is still so much to be done. The weather reports for KZN indicate that tomorrow will be sunny until mid-afternoon is expected to shine on Durban until mid-afternoon.

Amongst the plastic bottles are multitudes of pieces of household plastic of varying shapes and sizes.

When I initially started collecting “litter” off the beach this morning, I assumed it was all litter until I was faced with the reality that a lot of the items were not in fact discarded litter, but items of value that had been washed downstream when homes collapsed.  I found a lot of kitchen and bathroom items as well as children’s clothing and toys which was most distressing,” said Gabby Harris  

If you are thinking about spending time on the beach tomorrow, please take a couple of plastic bags and gloves with you and “fill your bag”.   Tie a not in the bag and leave it at a designated spot or next to a refuse bin on the promenade and the municipal cleaning team will take it to a recycling station.

In true South African style, it appears that KZN residents and visitors are lending a helping hand wherever they are able to.