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KZNs coastal information portal gets a revamp

By: Fiona Mackay and Bronwyn Goble

For the last year CoastKZN, our all-things-coastal local information hub, has been live to provide wide-ranging information to a diversity of users. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and using your comments in this phase of testing, building and learning, we have taken the opportunity to improve the portal for ease of use. It has been a busy few months of redesigning CoastKZN, to vastly improve navigation and the look and feel. We are eager to officially unveil its new appearance, with the hope that it is more simple and easy to use in its graphical user interface (the look) and behaviour of dynamic elements (the feel) in all aspects of its design.

CoastKZN was conceived and developed to provide a decision-making platform on coastal management issues, to serve coastal and estuarine information to the general public, to offer a means of engagement as citizen scientists and to offer a place for scientific information sharing.

This interactive website targets all coastal stakeholders, providing an overview of a diverse range of coastal and estuarine topics arranged according to these groupings:

  1. Themes – provides information on a range of topics; examples are coastal access, risk and vulnerability, estuarine functional zone definitions.
  2. Explore the coast –offers an interactive map of KZN with a number of spatial layers related to the KZN coast and KZN coastal management; such as the coastal vulnerability index, boat launch sites and estuary boundaries.
  3. Governance at your fingertips –provides information on definitions, copies of legislation, regulations and policies relevant to the coast and its management.
  4. How do I? – serves information on how to undertake certain activities in the coastal zone, covering a range of topics from reporting incidents to applying for permits.

We aim to keep the portal up to date and dynamic with new display and design technologies. We encourage our coastal public to you to log in to www.coastkzn.co.za look, explore and provide us with comment.