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Juvenile Indian yellow-nosed albatross admitted to uShaka Sea World

By : Ann Kunz

A juvenile Indian Yellow-nosed Albatross who we named Emily, was admitted into the care of the uShaka Sea World animal health team over the weekend.
We received a call from the port authorities to say that Emily was found sitting on the upper deck of a cargo vessel which had recently entered the Durban harbour.
She was full of energy and her physical condition appeared to be good. It was thought that she had taken it upon herself to rest on the deck of the boat while it was out in the pelagic ocean.
Unfortunately, because albatrosses need a long “runway” to lift themselves into the air, and the deck of a boat is totally unsuited to this type of lift off, she would have found herself stranded on the deck of the boat.
We are offering supportive care until we are in a position to take her out to sea and release her.
Yellow-nosed Albatrosses are magnificent pelagic birds found throughout the southern Indian Ocean and are listed as Endangered on the IUCN Red list due to the decline in their numbers as a result of interactions with fishery activities and disease.
When next you are shopping for frozen fish, please look for the MSC logo on the box to ensure that the fish you are consuming has been sustainably harvested.