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Juvenile green turtle in rehab

By: Ann Kunz

On Thursday afternoon, the NSRI kindly transported a juvenile green turtle from Zinkwazi to uShaka Sea World after it had been found stranded on the beach by a local fisherman.

He appeared to be in good physical condition with no external injuries.   There were no barnacles on his carapace which indicated that he had not be compromised for an extended period of time.   He was however exhausted, unresponsive and positively buoyant.   He was named Loki and left to rest for in shallow water for the night.

X-Rays were taken the following day and showed that one of his lungs was much larger than the other.  This could indicate that he has a lung infection which is treatable.

We are cautiously optimistic that Loki will make a full recovery but will need to spend the next few months in rehab.