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Jina update – 17th August 2022

Jina Update – 17th August 2022
Perhaps you remember our post in early January this year where we talked about an adult loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta) who was admitted to uShaka Sea World after being bitten by a tiger shark on the KZN South Coast.
Both her front flippers were bitten by the shark.
Members of a local dive charter, Mokarran Dive Charters who were at sea on Aliwal Shoal at the time of the incident, witnessed the tiger shark turning around and biting her second flipper after noticing some abnormal behaviour in the water.
We are delighted to report that Jina has made steady progress over the past seven months and her stumps have healed well. She has adapted to the compromised state of her flippers and is now able to dive to the bottom of the pool and resurface with ease.
We are hoping she will continue to thrive and day by day, regain her strength of movement.