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Jina, the loggerhead turtle bitten by a shark

By Ann Kunz

Jina, an adult loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta)  was admitted to uShaka Sea World on the 8th January 2022 after being bitten by a tiger shark on the south coast of KZN
Thankfully, she is doing remarkably well and other than the wounds on both her front flippers, which are still healing, she appears to be in good health. Fortunately her wounds were not infected and are healing without any intervention from us.
She spends most of the day either sleeping or in quiet cruise mode. The only time this changes is when she is offered food which she consumes with relish.
“Although she lost two thirds of her left flipper and one third of her right flipper, she is able to navigate her shallow (1.5meter) convalescent pool remarkably well. We are leaving her to rest, heal and gain confidence before we move her to deeper pools”, said Senior Aquarist Malini Pather.