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Jina is one step closer to possible release

It’s been a month since we last published an update on Jina the beautiful loggerhead turtle who was bitten by a tiger shark earlier this year.
We are delighted to report that she is now one step closer to possible release. She has become an adept swimmer, despite the partial loss of both her front flippers. This is evident whenever she thinks about being offered food or sees an opportunity of pinching some food from her carers.
Jina is without doubt one of the most food driven turtles we have ever cared for and she absolutely loves squid (as can be seen in the underwater images taken by our friends Don Hunter and Bryan Hart.
It has been nine months since she arrived at SAAMBR and we are hugely encouraged by the good progress she has made since her arrival.
She has been moved into one of the larger rehabilitation pools so that we will be able to test her swimming ability and we are optimistic that she will pass all her ocean readiness tests.