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Happy International Biodiversity Day

Today we are celebrating the International Day for Biological Diversity, but what exactly is biodiversity?

You may have heard the quote- “variety is the spice of life”, well bio (life) and diversity (variety) is exactly that! The remarkable diversity of living organisms and the genetic diversity between them.

Biodiversity conservation is at the heart of SAAMBR so having a world class marine facility that is a window to the Western Indian Ocean is not the only way we encourage biodiversity to flourish in our park.

Since we opened in 2004, creating a green space in the middle of the city has been a priority and we have planted a wide range of indigenous plants that not only provide us with cooling shade and life-giving oxygen but a home for a variety of birds, insects, reptiles and small mammals not seen anywhere else in the city centre.

Our records reflect that over 50 different species of birds are either permanent residents or regular visitors to the park. This is not surprising there are over 100 different species of indigenous trees gracing the entire park.

If you want to increase the biodiversity in your gardens, community areas or at your place of work, a good way to start is by planting indigenous plants. 

If you come across invasive, alien plants in your community, please remove them. Invasive alien plants can take over natural areas, use vast amounts of water and can be toxic to animals.

See a cool plant, animal or fungus? Take a picture and post it to iNaturalist to celebrate your local biodiversity.

The image of the vacant site where uShaka is currently situated, was taken in 2002 whilst the comparison picture shows what uShaka looks like today.

Happy International Biodiversity Day South Africa.