70 years of helping people to care for our ocean

On Sunday 28th April 2019 uShaka Sea World said a sad farewell to Tee, our oldest female seal. She was a wise 25 year old beautiful lady.

Tee and her three seal friends Mullet, Daisy, and Dosy came to us from the Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town in 2007. Their arrival caused great excitement and they soon became known as The Awesome Foursome due to the unique way they behaved in a group. They were quick to show their unique personalities and Tee in particular had an individual charm about her.

She had big beautiful bulging eyes that would follow your every move, an attentive eager nature and enjoyed learning new things. You would often find her on her favourite rock where she would sun herself. She stood her ground, let the boys know who was boss and made sure that she was given undivided attention.

Tee loved playing with kelp and teasing the divers who cleaned her home. Many guests fell in love with her after meeting her. We will miss her and thank her for wonderful memories and the many lessons she taught us.  Tee was a much loved ocean ambassador who will be held fondly in our hearts.