70 years of helping people to care for our ocean

By: Ann Kunz

Gabby Update 30th April

We are delighted to report that Gabby is doing much better than originally anticipated and is indeed a tenacious fighter. There was a sudden positive turnaround in her condition on Monday this week.  Up until this point she had not moved much or lifted her head since her arrival.   Although she spends most of her day resting, she is a lot more alert and is showing an interest in food with a preference for sea lettuce.  We are still very guarded about her prognosis but these are all positive signs for recovery.  

On arrival her carapace was covered with an excessive amount of barnacles, many of which were deeply embedded causing discomfort. The fresh-water bath she was placed in shortly after arrival managed to rid her of most of the barnacles which were even in her nostrils and under her nails.  She is now given a weekly scrub with a betadine solution to help control any possible infections which could result from the removal of the barnacles.  

Gabby is fortunately looking stronger each day and is receiving lots of TLC from the rehabilitation team. She, like the many green turtles before her, enjoys a back scratch and could be seen earlier today doing a little ‘jig’ every time one of her caretakers scratched her carapace.