70 years of helping people to care for our ocean

Over the weekend of the 24th / 25th February, SAAMBR herpetologists and conservation educators celebrated frogs in honour of Leap Day for Frogs. The team put together an exciting exhibition in the Village Walk and shared their understanding of frogs with hundreds of passers-by.  They focussed on the role frogs play in the environment, identifying the various species, and how we can all help conserve frogs.

Some of the highlights of the exhibit was being able to see a variety of local frogs up close.  It appeared that the colourful Painted and Argus reed frogs were very popular, with guests commenting on how pretty our local KZN frogs really are!  As usual, the star of the show was a Giant bullfrog named Jerome!

“Frogs are sentinels of ecosystem health, losing them is a sign that our environment is in need of help. Keeping our environments and waterways clean through using environmentally friendly cleaning products, saving freshwater and planting indigenous vegetation not only helps frogs- it helps all species- including us” said SAAMBR Manager Informal Education, Presha Soogrim.