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Eleven new arrivals on Valentine’s Day 2022

By Carl Schloms 

In December last year a Green Mamba was brought to us by local snake expert, Nick Evans, after it had been removed from a home on the KZN north coast.

It was obvious to the staff of Dangerous Creatures that the snake was heavily gravid (pregnant) when it arrived and the team was therefore not surprised when they discovered 11 healthy eggs the following morning.

It appeared that the snake had slithered into the North Coast home looking for a place to lay her eggs.  Understandably, the residents were not very comfortable sharing their home with this unauthorised summer visitor and contacted a local snake expert to remove the beautiful bright green mom to be.

The unauthorised visitor was released the following day leaving behind her eggs which were placed in a specialised substrate and monitored for the next 68 days.

Some of the young green mambas had already started the slow and cautious emergence from their eggs by the time the staff arrived at work. The process of fully emerging from the safety of their eggs takes green mambas roughly 18 hours.  They seem to take an awful lot of “peeps” into their new environment before they muster enough courage to emerge fully from their eggs.

These juveniles, which are independent from the time they hatch, will all be released in a few days at a suitable site.