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Eel exhibit revamp at uShaka Sea World

By: Ann Kunz

Our eel exhibit has undergone its first revamp since we opened the Wreck Aquarium doors 17 years ago.   Over time, the sand in the exhibits can start to harden, under-gravel air pipes become clogged and rockwork and theming is in need of a deep clean. The eels were removed to holding tanks in our quarantine area and the exhibit was emptied. The themed artefacts (vases and canons) and rocks were then removed to be deep cleaned and the sand was removed and replaced.  Whilst the exhibit was mpty we were also able to service the exhibit’s life support system and replace some of the valves.


The exhibit holds 15500 litres of water and is home to eight different species of eel which are all compatible species.  You will see honeycomb moray, geometric moray, floral moray, zebra moray, tiger reef eel, ocellated snake-eel, barred moray and leopard moray eels  co-existing in the exhibit. Some eels are known to naturally share their holes and cervices with others of the same species.   In this exhibit it is usual to find several eels of different species sharing the same artefact, as can be seen in the accompanying video where a honeycomb moray, zebra moray and ocellated snake eel are sharing the same canon.