70 years of helping people to care for our ocean

By: Ann Kunz

Last Friday a family returned from a trip to Zululand with more passengers in their vehicle than when they set off on their holiday.

A female Southern foam-nest frog had found her way unknowingly into their luggage. Fortunately the family realised that they could not simply take the frog outside and release her into their garden and brought her to uShaka Sea World where the Dangerous Creatures herpetologists were standing by to receive her.

It was indeed the right decision as these beautiful little frogs do not occur in Durban. Their home range is Zululand, Limpopo and Mpumalanga.

Southern foam-nest frogs spend a lot of their time in trees overhanging water. During mating periods these frogs congregate in large groups and create enormous foam nests. The females lay their eggs inside the foam nests and their newly hatched tadpoles are kept moist and safe the first few days of their lives. They then drop from the foam nest into the water to complete their metamorphosis.

We have enjoyed caring for our little hitchhiker this past week but have thankfully found someone travelling to Zululand tomorrow who has agreed to transport her back home.

If you arrive home from a trip to find a frog or a snake which has hitchhiked a ride please contact us on 031 328 8222 and we will try to assist you.