70 years of helping people to care for our ocean

By: Ann Kunz

Another month has passed since we posted an update on Dobby the elephant seal who was found on Garvies beach, Durban in February this year.

He still spends his days chilling around the pool, diving and greeting the staff as they walk past his enclosure. The big change is in his weight gain.

He is now eating 15 kilograms of fish a day which is divided between three feeds. He has a healthy appetite and rather than chewing his food he sucks it up like a vacuum cleaner. His least favourite food is squid and cuttlefish and his favourite food is everything else he is offered.

When he arrived he weighed just under 71kg and now weighs 110kg, which is a massive 40kg weight gain. He still has 50 kilograms to go before he reaches his goal weight.

If all goes well and he continues to gain weight at the current rate, he could be ready for release in less than two months.