70 years of helping people to care for our ocean

By: Ann Kunz

After 3 days at sea Dobby was successfully released into the Agulhas current at around 9am on Friday 4th June.  His transport crate was lowered down the stern of the M/V Golden Karoo vessel.

Once it reached the surface of the ocean, the gate was lifted and Dobby wasted no time in diving into the ocean  He reappeared a few seconds later about 100 meters from the ship and then headed off at great speed.

Whilst onboard the vessel Dobby received VIP treatment after winning the hearts of the entire crew who made sure that he was safe and secure throughout the journey.

We trust that Dobby will make his way home over the next few weeks.  If we are very fortunate, one of the marine scientists working on one of the southern islands will be able to identify him by the number on his flipper tag.

We are most grateful to MACS Maritime Carrier Shipping (Pty) Ltd and the crew from the M/V Golden Karoo for their sponsorship and unwavering support in the final chapter of Dobby’s rehabilitation programme.  

We wish Dobby well and hope he enjoys many more years hunting and exploring the southern oceans.