70 years of helping people to care for our ocean

By: Ann Kunz

Good news – Dobby has reached his goal weight.

When we last reported on Dobby’s progress he weighed 110 kg and needed to put on a further 50 kg in order to reach his goal weight.

Thankfully, he still has a ferocious appetite and consumes every morsel of fish and squid offered to him, then looks around with his huge pleading eyes for more. He is now at his ideal release weight and we need to concentrate on maintaining his weight at between 160 – 165 kg to ensure that he has the best possible chance of making it back home.

We are collaborating with our partners both local and international regarding his release.

Until then, he will probably continue to laze around the pool loudly greeting staff as they arrive for work and then curiously watching their every move as they go about their duties.